A Bold Intervention by Delhi High Court on an Issue that Affects the National Security

Relevant initiative taken up by the Delhi High court hopefully will make the procedures in issuances of passport in India more vivid. The Delhi High court Bench presided by Justice G Rohini and Justice RS Endlaw, had directed and issued notices to the ministries of Home affairs, Ministries of external affairs, Delhi State Govt and city police to give proper explanation regarding the discrepancies occurring in the issuance of passports to foreigners and Indian citizens in non resident addresses, that is an evident flaw from the passport issuing authorities. The police investigation or the verification of the applicants residents that is the vital procedure in the passport issuances are not subject to proper procedures that results in the passport issuances in the non resident or false addresses. The Delhi High court had given extreme attention to this serious issue observing the public interest litigation petition filed by NGO Paardashita, stating that the Govt is bound to give proper explanation regarding this issue where, even diplomatic passports are being issued to Non diplomats. The special privileges extended to the Member of Parliament or other diplomats are being manipulated by non diplomats, in most cases by the close relatives or friends.

The bench during hearing enquired Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain, any independent verification is conducted by the Passport authorities with regard to issuance of passport to the applicants. ASG had replied that the verification is done by the police officials and any irregularity committed by the police officials need to be probed only if an FIR is registered against the corrupt officers. The petitioner also alleges that the immigration department is supporting the malpractice and corrupt officials and police are having illegal connections regarding this issue that totally affects country’s integrity, solidarity and security. The petitioner further seeks probe by CBI and National Investigating Agency and to take action against all persons involved in the illegal racket and to seize all relevant records before they are being tampered by the influential culprits involved in this issue. The Court had given time till April 29 to get reply from the central and State Government departments and city police.

by Dhanya R