A notice of Privilege Motion stayed by Supreme Court against Columnist Shobha De

A notice of Privilege Motion which was move against the Shobha De, Columnist by the Maharashtra Assembly in relation to her Tweets against Screening of Marathi Movies on the Prime Time in Cineplexes , is now stayed by the honourable Apex Judicial Authority- Supreme Court of India on this Tuesday.

Simultaneously, the Bench of honourable Apex Court, headed by Justice, Dipak Misra besides granting stay to the aforesaid notice, also issued a notice seeking responses from the Principal Secretary of the Maharashtra State’s Legislative Secretariat within the period of 8 weeks.

The said notice of Privilege Motion which issued against Shobha De, dated 10th April, this year was for requiring her to furnish explanations in relation to her said tweets, which here was alleged to be against the Assembly’s privilege. One of the Member-MLA of the Maharashtra State’s Legislative Assembly, Mr. Pratap Sarnaik, had approached to the Court for breaching of Privilege Motion against Shobha De.

The Complaint was made against Socialite-columnist, Shobha De by a Shiv Sena, Member of Legislative Assembly alleging that her series of tweets has come as insulting to the Marathi Language and also to the Marathi Language specking people. Based on that complaint the said notice was issued by the Maharashtra’s Legislative Assembly speaker.

However, Columnist, Shobha De had criticised the decision of Government of Maharashtra, tweeting that the Marathi Movies at prime time will be the better. She had tweeted, soon after there was privilege motion was issued against her, that the Government is demanding apology from her, issuing said privilege motion, further, she said that she is proud to be Maharashtrian and love the Marathi films.

In the Court, the learned Senior Counsel, Advocate, C. A. Sundaram representing Shobha De contended that, the said tweets were comments which were made against the Government’s decision and the same is not a breach to any privilege of the Assembly.

Further, senior advocate, Mr. C. A. Sundaram said that the honourable Apex Court has described the privileges of the Assembly in many of its earlier decisions and the said Writer, Shobha De has not breached any such Assembly’s Privileges.

It was stated by Senior Shiv Sena leader, Mr. Sanjay Raut, while replying the comments of Shobha De, that such statements would not be tolerated by any Marathi Person and the same was treated by him as insult to the Marathi Culture and he stated to give her a taste of Vada Paav and Dahi Misal.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.