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A warning was given by Mr. Carter, Defense Secretary, US, against Militarization of territorial rows in Asia

Tokyo: A serious warning against Militarization of territorial rows were given by United States Secretary of Defense, Mr. Ashton Carter, in a region in which China is at odds with the certain Nations in the East and South China seas.

Mr. Carter while visit to Japan tallied with growing concern of the United States over the land of China reclamation in the Spratly Archipelago of the disputed sea of south China, wherein Beijing has certain claims with certain Countries like Philippines and Vietnam.

There is a separate row which the Tokyo and Beijing is having over Islets under control of Japanese in the East Chine Sea.

The militant units of the United States and Philippine now this month will be seen taking part in the Annual Military exercises near the Spratly in the largest such drills as the allies had resumed activities jointly in the year 2000.

Answering the question being whether such activities or annual military exercises by United State and Philippine were against China’s moves as a response, Mr. Carter stated that the interests from Washington and Manila had been shown in the region, including a desire of ensuring there were no changes in the status quo by force or that territorial rows were militarised.

After having talked with his Japanese Counterpart, Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, Mr. Carter stated that  against the militarization of the disputes the UN is taking a strong stance.

As per recently published photographs clicked by Statellite and also according to officials of Philippine, the reclamation work of China is well advanced on six reef in the Spratly and Seventh reclamation work is started.

As the new islands will not overturn United States military superiority in the concerned region, the worker of China as such are building ports and depots for fuel storage and also two airstrips are also possibly building by them, as per experts and all these to allow Beijing for projecting a power deep into South-East Asian sea.

Mr. Carter also repeated Washington’s opposition to any “coercive unilateral” actions by China to undermine Japan’s administrative control of disputed islands in the East China Sea, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China.

A response in also found to be made by Foreign Ministry of China’s spokeswoman Hua Chunying saying that China is hoping that the United State can respect China’s wishes and by dialogue other relevant nations to resolve, as such the same will genuinely play a constructive role to maintain peace and stability in the region.

Mr. Carter and other Foreign ministers concern have shown their expectation to unveil the new guidelines of defense concern in this month before the meeting of Abe with the Mr. Barack Obama, United States President at Washington for a Summit on 28th day of this April.

By Faim Khalilkhan Pathan