Aadhaar Bill: Views of Government and Oppositions

It is really very essential for the countries to know who is residing in their territories, if a government is having weaker system for collecting and retaining the information about their subject then, the consequences may be very harsh. Moreover, when governments are having every minute details about their subject, then they can also perfectly without any mistake, provide all the benefits which they sought to provide through their schemes to their subjects. Moreover, in India as the Constitution of the country provides the Government with the obligatory responsibility to frame beneficial policies and also schemes for the development of its citizens, the Government has decided to collect the biometric information of the citizens so that the various schemes and policies which they were opting for were to be perfectly benefiting in favour of the needy people. Moreover, for offering benefits from the schemes like subsidies, services, wages, grants, etc, the right person can be identified through such information. And without proper and correct identification of the targeted beneficiaries so that the benefits of such schemes be rightly delivered in their favour, the Government of India by its resolution found to have established, ‘The Unique Identification Authority of India’ in the year 2009. The object behind such including that for lay down a policies and to implement the Unique Identification Scheme of The Government, through which the Indian residents were decided to be given Unique identity number, which would serve as proof of identity and could be used for getting benefits of various schemes of Government. Thus, this so established authority is collecting biometric and other information from each and every single individual from the court so that their identification with relevant information should be with the Government while it can offering perfect and right benefits in their favour.

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Recently, the Government has came up with the Aadhaar Bill, i.e. the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial And Other Subsidies, Benefits And Services) Bill, 2016 (as Bill no. 47 of 2016) in the form of a ‘Money Bill’. However, considering its introduction as money bill many issues were put up against the Bill and its introducing Minister. But, this issue is not that important as that of the Aadhaar Bill itself. Thus, after its introduction in the Lok Sabha on March 3rd, 2016, the arguments were raised supporting the bill, and as such it was stated in the statement and object of the bill that as the use of Aadhaar number has been increased in the manifold and considering this, it was pointed that the security of such information should be considered as the matter of high importance, thus, the present Bill is brought. Thus, the bill is provided with all such provisions which the government can apply for protecting such data which they have collection for Aadhaar purpose.

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However, opposition which was seemed against the introduction of the Bill as Money Bill, they pushed up the amendments to it, in Rajya Sabha. However, such amendments were rejected in Lok Sabha as one of them was seeking to prevent the disclosure of the “biometric or demographic information” in the interest of ‘national security’. Other amendments like one relating to permitting the individual with Aadhaar numbers to opt out of the system, with the Central Identities Data Repository deleting all information and authentication records and giving a certificate to that effect within Fifteen days. Also, another amendment is also providing for the alternative identification for delivery of services, subsidies and benefits for all those who are not opting for Aadhaar number. Moreover, in other amendments, the inclusion of Central Vigilance Commissioner or the Comptroller and Auditor- General in the Oversight Committee, was sought to be mandated and also further, the clause which was allowing the Aadhaar number to be used for the purpose other than those provided in the Bill, was sought to be deleted.

However, as per the contentions coming from the Government, the said Bill is offering for good governance and efficient transparency. However, opposition seemed to have raise issue of privacy concerns in connection with the sensitive private information of the individual, and they want that such information should not be disclosed or accessed.

Thus, the idea of collecting information of the individual so that they can be provided with the benefits of the Governmental schemes, is really great, but the question still bring the issue in dilemma, that what if such information will leaked or misused by the ill- minds? Now, the Government need to provide good and satisfactory answer to this question.

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