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Advocate Sushma Javare


I am Sushma Javare born in KGF Kolar, brought up in Bangalore studied in GGHS Convent School and did my graduation from Maharani Ammani College for Women. Then studied Law from KLE Law College, Rajajinagar Bangalore. After that did MA in Political Science from Bangalore University.

I consider myself to be a very friendly, creative, and fun loving person. I am fluent in Marathi, Kannada, and Hindi along with English, can understand Tamil too. As hobbies I do cooking,reading romantic novels (earlier read a lot, now reduced a lot) listening to music,and I love travelling, seeing places around the country especially temples and archaeological important places and read the stories depicted in temple carvings. I also love 2c’s i.e. comedy and creativity in life!

I started working from 2004 and worked firstly as a legal transcriptionist in a small company named Infosense Technologies and then moved on to work with a UK based law firm named Lawcomm Solicitors who had registered in Bangalore as DQC/Reflect Consulting Pvt Ltd as legal executive and dealt with Right to Buy matters. Afterwards worked for Atlas Legal as legal executive and did legal coding and sometimes helped research team too doing legal research work.

As for my future plans, future is really something which can’t be predicted or defined and certainly cannot be decided too as every day is a new day and lot of changes happen in our lives. So, maybe I would be alive and writing something up for this legal website! 🙂

Thank you.