Allowing the limited delimitation and granting voting rights to Bangladesh enclaves:Bill likely to be passed by Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: On this Wednesday, the amendments to the Delimitation Act of 2002 and the Representative of the People Act, 1950 were approved by the Union Cabinet, which will be offering the favour for the West Bengal’s constituencies delimitation where the areas which has become part of India after land- exchange with Bangladesh will be included.

The said Amendment in the Delimitation Act was specially approved in case of its section 11’s amendment and for amending the Representative of the People Act, it is for section 9.

Moreover, as per the statements released from the Union Cabinet, the said amendments will be enabling the Election Commission to carry out the limited delimitation of Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies in the district of West Bengal, i.e. in Cooch Behar.

It was seen that in furtherance to the Historic agreement entered into by India and Bangladesh, 51 citizens from Bangladesh enclaves in Indian territory and also 111 Indians enclaves in Bangladesh territory. In such agreement, it is notable that such exchange was taken effect from 31st day of July, 2015 and this has also led to change the contours of Cooch Behar District.

Moreover, it was also found stated in the statements released by Union Cabinet, that, as the newly acquired area in furtherance of such agreement has become the part of India and as such delimitation exercise is required to be made within the limited constituency area, earlier to ensue the elections of the State Assembly in West Bengal.

As such, the present concerned amendments in the provisions of the Two existing laws have been sought, for carrying out the fresh delimitation.

Moreover, such bill is showing that such delimitation exercise should be made limited, so that the newly become citizens of India should get voting rights.

The matter was brought up by the Finance Minister and Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha- Arun Jaitley. And as the parties have agreed, the Rajya Sabha is going to pass such amendment bill without wasting time on discussions.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan