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Anti-hijacking bill being sent to Cabinet for approval and is considered to be toughest globally

A bill that seeks death penalty to all the hijackers of Indian Airlines that was hijacked in Kandahar nearly after 16 years, has been sent to Cabinet for the bill to be approved, even if there was death of the on-ground staffs. In the earlier version the hijackers could be given death penalty only if the hostages and security personal died. This new revised bill has been considered the toughest one as compared with global laws relating to terror attacks and it will enable the centre to punish with death penalty even if the staff who are on ground and airport personnel are killed in the attacks by terrorist.

This new Anti-Hacking (Amendment) Bill was sent to Ministry of Law and Justice for further consultation was confirmed from the sources available from Civil Aviation ministry and when the bill was returned back then it would be sent to cabinet for giving permission about it. This bill was introduced last December and parliamentary standing committee has given its suggestions about it which was being incorporated in the bill. Senior official said that the hijacker would be given death penalty even if any of the ground casualties died and so it will be the toughest law which would be enacted if compared globally.

Last year Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju had brought out this Anti-Hijacking (Amendment) Bill 2014 which proposes stringent punishment to all people who were acting against national forces. In this bill the definition of hijacking also has been widened which includes the purview of all the individuals who are involved with hijackers. Once the new law comes into force hijackers will be given death penalty and also specifies stringent penalties in the new act. Maximum punishment under the present law is life imprisonment and fine.  As per Beijing Protocol of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) the new changes have been made in the said Act which brings Indian law equal to international standard. Under the new law all those involved in the act like planning the act are also included and can also confiscate the hijacker’s properties. New law also provide the security forces to stop the aircraft being taken off or shoot down the aircraft which can be used as missile to bring down vital installation.

by Sushma Javare.