Australia need to ‘lift their game’ to help Refugees: Amnesty International

Amnesty International- the Human Rights Group, today, i.e. on 24th day of February, 2016, thrashes Australia for its treatment of Asylum- seekers in remote Pacific Camps, as it also advised Canberra to “lift their game” and help relieve the international refugee crisis.

The asylum- seekers who try to arrive by boat to camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, who are also sent by Australia and however, they are blocked from being resettled in Australia, even if they are found to be refugees. Moreover, as per Amnesty International, the length of the time asylum- seekers were being held at the camps as their refugee applications are processed was the key concern.

The head of the Amnesty International Australia- Claire Mallinson told the AFP that the said delay has horrendous effect on the mental health of the Asylum- seekers, and there was also seen self- harming and attempts for suicide. Moreover, Canberra, saying that it has prevented deaths at sea and secured the boarders of the nation, has long defended its policy of denying asylum- seekers resettlement in Australia.

However, the conditions in the camps have been criticised by the Rights Groups. But, the Human rights commission has found the children who lived in the Nauru centre had high levels of mental illness. While there being the protests across the country, the Amnesty International’s report came. And such protests are over the expected deportation to Nauru of 267 asylum- seekers who had been brought to Australia with their families for medical treatment. And as per the advocates of Refugee, the said group is including around 37 babies born in Australia and 54 other children.

The Australian Amnesty head- Mallinson also called for an independent review into allegations, where the Australian authorities paid crew on a people- smuggling boat US$30,000 to return 65 asylum-seekers to Indonesia. However, in the early days of February, the Australian officials denied the confirmation or denial of the allegations. As per Mallianson, there are far more refugees globally than there ever has been, and it is a time when Australia like countries have lifted their game.