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Bihar Govt to bring Bill imposing Capital Punishment for making hooch in Bihar

Patna: As per Chief Minister- Nitish Kumar, the Bihar Government is bringing a Bill which will provide for the capital punishment for doing the act of manufacturing of the illicit liquor once prohibition comes into effect in the State from First April.

The statements from the Chief Minster- Kumar were came out day before yesterday, i.e. on Wednesday, 9th March. It was stated by him that the Government in Bihar State would bring a legislation in the ongoing session of the Assembly against the selling of the liquor. And further he said that the provision in that legislation would be for capital punishment for those manufacturing illicit liquor.

It was seen that the decision of the Bihar Govt. has been made that there will be imposed a prohibition of the country and spiced liquor in the State and restricted sale of Indian made Foreign Liquor from First day of April.

Moreover, the Government has also offered those who involved in the business of liquor, the selling of products of Sudha Dairy from their counters, as a means of sustaining their livelihood. As stated by the Chief Minister- Kumar that that he was told by the Official, so far they have received over Two Hundred applications for opening of Sudha Dairy outlets in the place of those were selling liquor from across the state. It is notable that the Sudha Dairy is a name in which the Bihar Milk Co- operative Federation Ltd., which is run by the State, markets its products.

Also, in the initiative for removing the drinking habits, he says that there are over 40 lakhs volunteers including the members of self help groups are going from home to home and asking people to give up their drinking habits. Also, around Seventy- Two thousands of Government Schools’ students were provided with the declaration forms which they were required to get signed by their parents to the effect that they will not touch liquor.

Moreover, he also commented on various other schemes adopted in the state for the erasing of the drinking habits and rehabilitation of the identified habitual boozers.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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