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Blackbuck Poaching Case: Salman Khan pleads innocence in 1998 Arms Act Case

Today, Salman Khan appeared before the Jodhpur Court to record his statement in Arms Act case. The arms act case was registered alleging that the actor has used expired weapons for hunting down two black bucks at Kankani village in October, 1998. A case was already filed against him for poaching a black bug close to Jodhpur. When that case was ongoing, the forest department initiated a separated case as per the provisions of the arms act. The actor also pleaded before the court that he was implicated falsely after recording his statement.

The CJM in district of jodhpur had adjourned the case from March 3 to March 10 for recording the statement with regard to the incident. Last year, the jodhpur court had allowed the petition of the actor to produce four more witnesses related with the case. On Wednesday, the trial procedures were completed and five prosecution witnesses were examined. After that the defense counsel filed a fresh petition to recall Mishra. But the application was rejected today and the court stated that the court had given sufficient time for re-examination.

On April 29 Salman had appeared for recording his statement and had pleaded his innocence in the case. But before considering his application, the defense counsel moved another application for re-examination of five prosecution witnesses of the case. The court had postponed the case to April 4. In the meantime, Salman’s lawyer also asked more time for adducing evidence. If convicted, Salman may be imprisoned for maximum seven years. In April 2006 and August 2007, he had to undergo imprisonment. Previously Uday Raghavan, a witness in the case had said that the arms were brought by him from Mumbai as per the directions of the actor. But the actor stated that the forest officials forced him to sign the statement. At the beginning the actor also said that he is an Indian and that is his caste.

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