Bombay High Court: Mismanagement in management exams should be checked and stopped

Bombay High Court has said that mismanagement in management examinations must be stopped as the students work hard and prepare for their exams. After hearing the plea from a few petitioners, court gave this statement. Lot of erroneous evaluation happened in an entrance test that was conducted for almost 60,000 MBA applicants.

CET exams for these MBA students were conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DET). DET said to the High court that admissions which was scheduled for April 10 will not start as of now.

High Court informed the DET that from next year onwards if something new is being started it must be informed to the student before-hand and mismanagement must be checked as the students get ready for such exams more relating to management, engineering and medical as early as from 8th standard itself. So court ordered that the student’s career depends on it and so mismanagement must be checked and stopped.

Bhagat Makhijani a 25 year old student claimed that his time was wasted while attempting useless questions that was asked in the exam and after it was asked to the invigilators who arrived nearly 45 minutes late to the exam hall. Justices V M Kanade and A R Joshi heard another matter of a student wherein his lawyer informed the court about the wrong questions being asked in the examination centre.

The lawyer representing DTE did confirm that there were some wrong questions being asked in the online test to the students but it was later removed from marking type of questions in the question paper which was held on 14th and 15th of March 2015.

The lawyer of DTE further contended that when they received the complaints about the wrong questions being added in the question paper they had framed a 2 member committee to check the matter and the committee members were technical expert and academic expert too. Later wrong questions were removed and students were evaluated on the basis of expert statistics was confirmed by the lawyer representing DTE before the court. Counsel who represented the students requested the court to do re-test of the exams as the evaluation was unfair one.

by Sushma Javare.