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Call for Papers: International Journal of Legal Research (IJLR)- Last date for Submission 27th march, 2016

The International Journal of Legal Research is peer reviewed and published quarterly. It has an ISSN-2349-8463 accessed by more than 1000 persons a month worldwide. The main highlight of IJLR is on legal aspects with an aim to provide platform to the students, teachers, research scholars and other interested persons to contribute their writings related with present legal issues and the new trends in law. The purpose of the journal is to restore the lost legacy of some eminent persons and to propose changes according to the changing needs of the society. It further aims to provide unique research works legal field.

The International Journal of Legal Research calls for papers in the form of Articles, Short Notes, Book Reviews, Case Commentaries etc for its Volume 2, Issue 3, January-March, 2016. The papers should be send to The last date for submission is 27th March, 2016. The title given to the paper should be appropriate. It should be an original work and not published anywhere. The committee accepts papers submitted by co-authors but subject to a maximum of two. The articles should contain full name of he author. The authors should adhere to uniform pattern of citation. The articles should not contain page borders. There is no theme for the articles, the articles shall be anything related with law.

The articles shall be limited to 3000-5000 words and the short notes shall not exceed 2000-3000 words. The book reviews shall be 1000-2000 words whereas the case comments should not be more than 1000-3000 words. All the word limits provided are including footnotes. There will be publication charges for all the papers. The charge for single authored paper is Rs 1500 and in case of co-authorship amount shall be Rs 2000. The format followed by IJLR is Print and CD ROM. The authors will be given the journal issue in CD but to get a printed copy, the author shall pay Rs 500. The publication charges paid once will not be refunded by the committee.

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