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Calls for Submission in Lex Terra: Enviro Legal News and Views by The Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy & Research (CELAR), National Law University, Assam – Date of Submission – Between 10th and 20th every month

The Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy & Research has invited submissions from scholars and students for its Lex Terra-Enviro Legal News and Views, an online publication with ISSN 2455-0965. The papers are to be submitted by 10th to 20th each month. The short articles shall not exceed 2500 words whereas the enviro analysis and enviro legal news and views shall limit to 1000 words. The enviro judgment analysis shall be within 1000 to 1500 words. The organizers look up for authoritative and original articles to be published in the news bulletin.

The fundamental aim of this publication is to promote better and good ideas for environmental protection. This news journal is being managed by a group of law students pursuing their degree in environmental law under the guidance of Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Vijender Kumar and Centre Head, Prof Dr. Yugal Kishore. The committee aims to impart knowledge and awareness to the society regarding various enviro legal issues prevailing in our country. The organizers rely on the issues particularly in North-East Indian enviro-legal matters. The journal also aspires to give better knowledge to the population regarding the environmental problems and legal significance to resolve the problem.

The submissions shall be send to between 10th and 20th each month. The publications will be released on 1st and 16th of each month. This effort is basically to address the various environmental issues faced in the north eastern region and also in other parts of the country. The other details are provided in the official website: Therefore, The Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy & Research (CELAR), National Law University, Assam and its coordinators are taking immense efforts to make this venture successful. The submissions are to reach the coordinators before the deadline.

Submission to be send to:

Deadline: Between 10th and 20th every month


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