Can We Expect an Independent Probe on Govind Panasare’s Muder?

On a PIL petition filed by activist Ketan Tirodkar seeking CBI probe for the murder of late social activist and senior communist party leader Govind Pansare, Two high court benches had shown their disproval for probe on the issue. He was shot dead on February 16, 2015 by unknown assailants. The courts refused to hear the matter not stating any valid ground.

The petitioner first approached the bench of Bombay High court presided over by Justice PV Hardas who evaded the petition by stating that, “Not before us.” Mr Tirodkar then took the matter before another bench headed by Justice Vijaya Tahilramani who also refused to hear the plea.

 Daughter and daughter in law of the late leader is also now filed petition to include them in the PIL as parties. They are particular in raising the demand of providing the aid of a special investigation team for the probe of the murder.

Meanwhile several news are spreading across social media that the sketches of the unknown attackers are made. Mr Tirodkar had now filed a petition before the High court Registrar to file the PIL before a new bench. The plea of daughter and daughter in law of late Govind Pansare to include them in the PIL is not yet been considered and the hearing of the same is expected to be before the bench on the forth coming week.

Mr Tirodkar had earlier filed PIL to a similar issue, seeking probe on the murder of another social activist and a propagator of anti superstition activities, Narendra Dabholkar that was sent for CBI probe by the direction of the High court.

PIL or public interest litigation is a constitutional guarantee that enables any citizen of India to draw attention of the judicial authorities to any matter that affects the life of people. Any incident that is a threat to the democratic system that ensures protection to the citizens need to be considered with utmost attention.  Hopefully an unbiased action from the High Court for an independent probe on the issue will definitely intensify the common man’s faith in the constitution and judicial system in India.

 by Dhanya.R