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Centre to Supreme Court: Examining Law Commission’s Report on Legalization of Euthanasia, draft Bill soon


New Delhi: As per Government, the report submitted by the Law Commission of India on the issue of Passive Euthanasia, favouring legalizing of it with certain safeguards is being examined and relating to this a Bill will be drafted thereafter. This was told to the honourable Supreme Court of India by the Government on this 5th day of February.

This stand was taken by Government before the Five- Judges Constitution Bench which is presided by honourable Justice, A. R. Dave. Now, the court will be moving to examine a plea to legalizing passive euthanasia by means of withdrawal of life supporting systems to the terminally- ill patients.

The said stand was informed by the government to the court on receiving the report from the Law Ministry and further they stated about drafting of the Bill soon.

On behalf of the Government, the said statements were given in the Court by the Additional Solicitor General- ASG, P. S. Patwalia. He has informed to the said bench, which is also comprises of Justice A. K. Goel, Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice R. F. Nariman, Justice Shiva Kirti Singh along with presiding Justice A. R. Dave. The Bench is also perusing the latest affidavit on this issue made by Central Government.

It is actually in relation to the case preferred by an NGO Common Cause, which has filed the Public Interest Litigation for legalizing Passive Euthanasia. The concerned bench of the Apex court on 15th day of January had asked the Government to make its stand clear, in a reasonable time, and as such the present. The said NGO Common Cause is represented by a senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan, who commented on this affidavit that it does not take them anywhere.

And on this issue, after a brief hearing, the Additional Solicitor General- ASG, P. S. Patwalia required that the issue be deferred for a week, and as such he said in the time Law Ministry will come out with its stand on the Report submitted by Law Commission of India. Thus, the concerned bench has posted the matter for next hearing on 12th day of this February, after accepting ASG’s request.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan