China is urging US to enter into extradition treaty aiming to fight against graft

Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister told that United States and China must start talks regarding extradition treaty since Beijing is seeking to get back the suspected citizens on corruption those who have committed in China and fled to US later.

This was the statement given by Wang when he met John Kerry, US Secretary of State, who is visiting China on a two day trip. If this extradition treaty is signed with US that would help china to a great extent to fight corruption in China and their anti-corruption campaign. China has come up with a new operation called “Fox Hunt” which extends beyond its borders where the government wants to search all those corrupt officers and executives who have left china and made US their home and get hold on their assets.

As per Chinese foreign ministry’s website the statement of Wang was, that it was necessary to make the bilateral extradition agreement between the two nations and said that the talks would start soon on this which would bring a long term relationship between the 2 countries.  He further stated that most of the corrupt fugitives were staying in US and it had become a major destination to them. Kerry also said that US is willing to cooperate with china and that they do not want US to be a safe place for such corrupt executives. Kerry further said that they were ready to send the persons to China if they were satisfied that they would be given a fair trial and would not be tortured or ill-treated by the Chinese government. China had already provided the detailed list of persons who were involved in corruption in china and thus later fled to US to escape punishment. A year before Chinese officials gave details of 150 economic outlaws who have escaped to US who were involved in corruption in China.

China has called many western nations to sign extradition treaty with it, where France along with Portugal and Spain have already entered into extradition treaty with China some of the nations are taking a step back on this treaty, because China gives death sentence to most of its culprits.

by Sushma Javare.