Clash between 2 groups of lawyers over housing project for advocate in Supreme Court

On Wednesday there was ruckus in Supreme Court when there was a clash between the two group of lawyers and they created a tumult, so the hearing of the case, which related to Housing project of the advocates had to be adjourned.

This matter was put before Justices A K Goel and Madan B Lokur which went crooked after the 2 groups of lawyers created uproar in the packed court hall. Justices Goel and Lokur appealed the lawyers repeatedly, when they created ruckus in the court hall to maintain the court’s dignity and if each and every lawyer spoke at the same time the hearing would be very difficult to proceed, but lawyers did not heed to the Court’s advice. Bench stated that they should be allowed to speak and should not come in way of the proceedings as it will not make any sense and must allow the proceedings to go ahead.

The clash between the two groups of lawyers were on allotment of 684 flats which were built by Supreme Court Bar Association Housing Society.  One group said it should be allotted and other alleged that irregularities in function of the housing society must be checked before allotment.

This case had come before the court as the lawyers had filed a case against SC Judge Deepak Verma, who had misused his power and gave away more amount to contractors, when he was the administrator of the society and thus it led to increase in the cost. Verma had put his resignation before the Court from his position of administrator of society and he was the 3rd judge who had done so.

Supreme Court asked the lawyers to find a better way out of this but it did not work out. The lawyers said they have faith in SCBA president Dushyant Dave and he should be the new administrator. Dave did not wanted to involve himself in any controversy as he had a flawless record of 36 years of service in the Bar. He also confirmed that the plea against SCBA was filed not to delay the process of allotments of flats but to find out irregularities in building construction.

by Sushma Javare.