Company Law Paperback – 2015 by Avatar Singh

Every civilized society required to have its own perfect laws and regulations to manage the affairs of its members, and as the present situation is so much modern, there can be seen number of entities which are not natural but having status as a person in this world, because such entities are carrying on business, owning and possessing properties and also involving in the various other affairs which the normal human being can do, as such, the said societies have considered such entities as a person and laws are specially made to regulate their affairs and relations with the normal human beings. Thus, company is the term which is fictitiously created as a person and it is having very important legal status in the world. The India is also having its own regulations and laws on the company matters. Thus, the present book is offering all the details and most important information about the Company, and its related laws in the country. The book is provided in the number of editions, as the law is changing as per the changing conditions in the society.

The present edition of this book, is offering the detailed discussion on the new concepts introduced by the Companies Act of 2013. As such, it can be seen from the edition that the it is containing class action suits, one person company, corporate social responsibility, National Company Law Tribunal’s constitution, Power of the company for buying its own securities, reduction of the share capital, mergers and amalgamations, corporate governance, independent director’s role and liabilities, Director’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee’s function, protection of depositors and other aspects. Thus, the book is really very perfect and also notably, as this version is available for the people currently dealing with the company affairs, but it’s all editions are also most valuable. The law students, law professionals, even companies, and others can also take the advantage of knowing about all the aspects of the company through such editions. As such, the present book is brought from the famous law book author- Avtar Singh, who has provided number of his works in the law field. The book is published by the Eastern Book Company (EBC).

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