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Debate on Passive Euthanasia again started; Draft Bill in Public Domain for comments


New Delhi: After a long- running debate on the issue of passive euthanasia, the Government has decided to put the draft bill in public to get their remarks on the same. the said draft bill was placed by the Union Health Ministry on the issue of Passive Euthanasia. The Ministry has put this draft bill on the website- on 9th day of May. And also, the ministry has invited the comments from the public on the said issue which a public member can easily convey through e-mail, but such comments should be sent before 19th day of next month.The said draft bill, namely, the Terminally Ill Patients (Protection of Patients and Medical Practitioners) Bill, as put in the public domain, it reflects that the issue of ‘Euthanasia’ again came up for huge debate on right to life and right to die with dignity.

When the busy Trauma Centre of AIIMS- All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences asked to comment, the doctors from such AIIMS’s centre said at any given time about 6 patients occupying beds are in completely vegetative state, with hope of recovery. Moreover, one doctor said “I personally am for euthanasia. It is a huge drain on the country’s resources. We should gracefully let these patients go rather than torturing them and their families.”

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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