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Delhi Court forfeits surety of R. K. Pachauri for his overtime stay abroad

New Delhi: Honourable Delhi High Court stated that the Executive Vice Chairman to TERI- R. K. Pachauri has ‘deliberately’ violated travel condition which was imposed on him by overstaying abroad and as such, the court had also forfeited his surety bond.

TERI- The Energy and Resources Institute’s said Executive Vice Chairman had failed to return to India as per schedule for which he was granted a travel relief. He went to Sharjah where he was to receive a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award on 16th day of February, 2016.

The Court forfeited his surety bond as there was nothing on record, as observed by the court, to show that the Event’s schedule was changed at the last minute. Thus, now the court the depositing of the amount of surety bond i.e. Rs. 4,00,000, by Monday. The decision was taken by the Metropolitan Magistrate- Shivani Chauhan’s court.

Mr. Pachauri- the Executive Vice Chairman to TERI is facing the charges of sexual harassment case which were levelled against him by the former women official of TERI.

Court in its words said that “the accused failed to return back to India on scheduled date and time” and as such “ violated the condition” which was imposed upon him by the said court. Moreover, the court has further observed that there is found no document to support the contentions preferred by an accused.

On last Monday, i.e. on 15th day of February, 2016, Pachauri was granted a permission to go to Sharjah, where he can stay between 16th to 18th of February, 2016. However, he had furnished an application on 18th day of February containing that due to a change in schedule of the Award ceremony he had to extend his trip.

Thus, the Court considered that the accused Pachauri had not sought permission to extend the trip, in the view of the order of the Sessions Court, which was binding on him for seeking approval from the court whenever, he goes to abroad. However, the court observed it as clarified that Pachauri had not sought any permission for extending his trip and thus, it ordered to forfeit his surety.