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Delhi HC ruled, Anti- Corruption Branch of Delhi Govt has jurisdiction to arrest the Police personnel in Corruption Cases.

New Delhi : On this Monday, the honourable High Court of Delhi has provided for a significant ruling that the Anti- Corruption Branch of Government of national capital Delhi has jurisdiction and power to arrest the Police personnel in case of corruption against them.

It was observed by the Bench of High Court concerned, comprising of Justice, V. Sanghi, in the application preferred by Police- Official being Head Constable who was arrested by the Anti- Corruption Branch of Delhi’ Govt in case of Corruption.

Disallowing the application seeking Bail preferred by concerned Head constable- Anil Kumar, the hon’ble Justice, Sanghi comprising of concerned bench of Delhi’s HC observed that the applicant being police personnel serving the Citizens in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and also the functions of the Police officials in National capital Delhi substantially and essentially relate to the Government of National Capital Territory Delhi- GNCTD’s affairs and in the view of Justice, Sanghi the GNCTD’s Anti- Corruption Branch is having jurisdiction to deal with the complaints against Police Officials from the Delhi Police under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Law and also the said branch can investigate and prosecute the Crime.

The applicant- Head Constable, Mr. Anil Kumar who was arrested on 2nd day of this May, from the Sonia Vihar, Police Station in the north -east  Delhi, in his application to bail alleged that the said Anti- Corruption Branch of GNCT, Delhi Government is not having competence or Jurisdiction in relation to the Complaint against him. This submission of applicant was rejected by HC.

The arrest of concerned Head Constable, Mr. Kumar was made on the complaint filed by one Scrap Dealer by using the Anti- corruption helpline ‘1033’. In the Complaint it was alleged that the said Head Constable Mr. Kumar had been demanding bribe of Rs 20,000 and was threatening the Scrap Dealer to implicate him in false cases.

Considering the major issue of that of corruption, the present ruling of High Court of Delhi will serve as of greater importance, as per sources.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.