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Execution of death sentence against Woman and her Lover in the case of killing 7 Family members, stayed by SC

New Delhi: The execution of capital punishment of death sentence to the Woman and her lover, for wiping out the entire family to which she belongs, stayed by the honourable Supreme Court of India.

It was submitted by the Advocate, A. Grover, a counsel representing that Woman and her lover, that they can be hanged at any time as they have signed their respective death warrant. However, he further submitted that there was an error with the judgement passed by the Apex Court on 15th of May, in relation to this case, and thereafter only the concerned bench of Apex Court has stayed the execution of such capital punishment as was awarded to them in that Judgement of 15th May.

The decision was taken by the bench of the Apex Court comprising of Justice, A. K. Sikri and Justice U. U. Lalit. Also the bench has issued notices to the Central and Uttar Pradesh Government after being agree to hear the pleas of Condemned Prisoners.

The said decision is made in the case where a woman and her lover was charged with the killing of her parents, two brothers and two minors and also sister- in- law by heavily sedating them for removing oppositions against their love affair matter. Not only this, but they were also alleged to had grabbed the property belonging to family.

State of UP based- Trial Court had sentence both of the accused persons with the Capital punishment i.e. Death penalty, which was confirmed by the High Court of Allahabad. And in the appeals preferred by the Woman- Shabnam and her lover- Saleem was dismissed by the Bench of Supreme Court, comprising of Chief Justice of India, H. L. Dattu, Justice, S. A. Bobde and Justice Arun Mishra, on 15th day of this May.

While affirming the capital punishment awarded by the Court below, the honourable CJI, Dattu observed that the Shabnam- Accused woman being daughter of family which had brought up her in educated and independent environment and also being teacher was influenced by her Love and lust of her paramour and had committed ‘brutal parricide’ exterminating 7 lives among them one was an innocent child of age of 10 months only.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.