FIR against Gurgaon cops be registered in relation to Haryana Gangster’s Encounter at Mumbai : Bombay High Court

High Court of Bombay yesterday on 15th February, 2016 asked to register the First Information Report- FIR against the members of the team of Gurgaon Police for shooting Sandeep Gadoli, the Gangster of Haryana.

It was seen in the matter that the Police team of Gurgaon, had shootout at a suburban Mumbai hotel on February 7th, and Haryana’s Gangster, Sandeep Gadoli was shot in the incident. Thereafter, he died and for his death, the forensic experts from JJ Hospital stated for cause of death that he died as hemorrhagic shock due to firearm injuries.

In the shootout, the gangster, Sandeep had sustained four bullet injuries and two of such bullets had ruptured his liver and lungs.

The direction of registration of the FIR was given in the case of petitions which were filed by the brother of gangster, Kuldeep Singh. In the said petition filed before the High Court of Bombay, the petitioner has sought the directions against the Mumbai Police to file an FIR against the Gurgaon Police Team and in his further claim, he sought to maintain that the Gurgaon Police has ‘murdered’ Sandeep at the behest of his business rival and Gurgaon Politician Binder Gujjar.

Thus, the High Court of Bombay had ordered the registration of FIR against Gurgaon Police in the Mumbai based Police station. Moreover, the Senior police officer in his comment on this decision said that, after studying the order of the High Court, Mumbai Police will file FIR against Gurgaon Police Team. Also, it is got informed from the sources that, deceased- Sandeep’s brother- Kuldeep will be recording his statements at the Police station, MIDC.

The Mumbai Police and State Government of Maharashtra was represented by Public Prosecutor, Sandeep Shinde and in his comments he said that the in the Open FIR, the charges of Murder have been invoked and now it is the matter of investigation by the Mumbai Police. In the comments by the Gurgaon police, the deceased- gangster was most wanted and also he was involved in around Thirty- Six offences including the serious offence of Murders too.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan