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Following UN sanction, Kim Jong- Un, North Korean Leader Ordered Nuclear Arsenal Readied for Use.

SEOUL: Nuclear Arsenal readied for pre- emptive use is ordered by Leader Kim Jong- Un at anytime, an escalation in rhetoric targeting rivals Seoul and Washington which may not yet reflect the country’s actual nuclear capacity.

Moreover, his orders to his military on standby for nuclear strike at anytime is in an expected ramping up of rhetoric following the United Nations Security Council’s adoption of tough new sanction on Pyongyang.

Further, Kim Jong- Un was quoted as saying by the official of North KCNA news agency on Friday i.e. today 4th day of March, that the nuclear warheads of the North side must be deployed on standby so as to be fired at any movement.  Moreover, as per his contentions, the situation on the divided Korean peninsula had become much dangerous and it is because the North needed to shift its Military strategy for one of ‘pre- emptive attack’.

North has fired off short- range projectiles into the sea on Thursday, with the feeling of anger on the recent adoption of strict United Nations sanctions over its recent nuclear test and long- range rocket launch. Moreover, today’s report is also showing that the huge US- South Korean war games set to start next week.  While paraphrasing Kim’s note, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency dispatched that for defending the sovereignty of the nation and to defend its right to existence under present extreme situation, the only way is to bolster up nuclear force both in quality and quantity. However, it was seen in the past that the North Korea has threatened nuclear war, but it was unclear just how advanced the country’s nuclear programme really is.

Thus, as reported by KCNA, the leader Kim Jong- Un had made his comments while monitors the test firing of a new multiple rocket launcher on yesterday, just some hours after the adoption (unanimously) of the US- drafted resolution penalizing the North for its fourth nuclear test and long- range rocket launch, by the UN Security Council. The said long- range rocket launch was held in the month of February, while the fourth nuclear test was done in the month of January.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan