Free Webinar on Doing Business in Germany & India: Basic Laws on May 28, 2015 conducted by Indian National Bar Association

The Indian National Bar Association is conducting a free webinar on ‘Doing Business in Germany and India: Basic Laws’ on Thursday 28th May, 2015 from 11.10 am to 12.15 pm. The main topics that the webinar deals with include the labor relations system, the impact of terminating the contracts on employment, litigations related with employment and the seconded employees. The presenters will also specify the main specialties of the laws related with employment in the related nations. The webinar will discuss on the following questions:

  • How to open office and Regulatory compliance.
  • How to hire a local attorney Key insights and information on European markets and sectors.
  • How we can help you take advantage of the new opportunities available Trade Finance Technology Transfer.

The speakers of the webinar consist of Clara Tonnesmann who is an Attorney-at-Law in Germany and Subramanya Sirish Tamvada who is a partner at Trustman Legal Services Private Limited. The participants have to register online through the link provided in

The Indian National Bar Association is one among the best ever mounting voluntary professional association in India. The INBA mainly centers on the development of the legal professionals and the legal industry. Association often organizes programmes which strike at human rights, anti-corruption access to justice and judicial reforms. Many opportunities are provided by the association to the budding lawyers to excel in the profession. The association conducts world wide events every year. Through online participation the present members endeavors to exchange their views and visions on the recent topics.

The fundamental objectives of the Indian National Bar Association are to strive to make changes in the  Indian Legal Systems that leads to effectual  and speedy justice to all and to function as a key organization that represents the needs of legal professionals and to work for many socio-economic assistance that should ensue to such class.  The association also aims to promote the communications and to minimize the gap that persists between judges and lawyers. It endeavors to preserve the dignity of legal profession and to safeguard the welfare of the members. INBA also spreads the importance of legal education and provide opportunities to the students to outshine in the profession.

INBA offers internship programmes and organizes seminars and conferences on recent legal issues. It consists of a student’s corner that enables the students to be part of INBA programmes. By becoming a member of INBA the lawyers and students can network events, get discount on books, can be part of Government policy works etc.

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By Jewel Panicker