Gang- Rape during Jat Stir: HC takes notice, police deny reports of rape during Jat stir

As per the reports, the rape victims are tried to be hushed by the ‘Senior Officials’ and they are advised such victims to remain silent on the incident. Such reports have been connected to the rapes which were committed during the Jat agitation in Haryana, and specifically on the National Highway.

However, while commenting on the said reports which were filed in connection with such rape offences on the national Highway, Mr. Devendra Singh- the Secretary of Haryana said that the concerned officials have talked to locals. Moreover, he further sought to mention that any such indent has no taken place

In the reports, it was found that near the Murthal, on the National highway, the victims- Women passengers were stopped, on early Monday morning and they were further dragged to the surrounding fields and then raped. Terming the same as ‘rumour’, the Police officials said that no such incident had occurred. But, the incident of dragging the TEN Women out of the vehicles and then were sexually assaulted, was exposed by the eyewitnesses- as reported by the Tribune India.

However, the Punjab and Haryana high court on yesterday took suo motu cognizance of a report in The Tribune. Taking suo moto notice of the media report, Justice Naresh Kumar Sanghi, said the high court could not sit as a “mute spectator” to the reported incidents and that these needed to be probed by a “premier investigation agency”.

Further, as per English daily, quoting sources, the said Women commuters were going towards Delhi and as such while on the National Highway, they were attacked by goons in the wee hours of Monday, the consequently committed gang- rape on them.

Moreover, as per the reports, the victims and their families were told by the District officials to not report the incident as it will affect their ‘honour’. Moreover, as per the reports, there were around 30 goons who attacked the said Women commuters. Further, the reports said that the nearby residents of the Hassanpur and Kurad, who also witnessing the incident brought blankets and clothes for the victims. As reported, the witnesses also stated that the “Senior Officers” tried to convinced the victims for non- pressing the charges, because it would bring the victim a bad name. Also, as per such witnesses, the officials also said that there was no point in talking about the incident as, one cannot undone the thing which had already happened.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan