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Government is making new law which will deal with cases like Maggi was confirmed by Ramvilas Paswan

On Tuesday, Union Food Minister Ramvilas Paswan said that the government is working on to make a new law which dealt with cases like Maggi, where consumers were duped with wrong advertisement, then that person would be held liable under the provisions and can be given life imprisonment. Under the new law, all the persons indulging in such advertisement which was confusing will also be held liable and punished for life imprisonment under the said new provisions. Maggi noodles contains high level of monosodium glutamate and lead and so strict legal provisions will be made was stated by Paswan to the reporters.

Madhuri Dixit, Amitabh Bachchan and Preity Zinta the famous Bollywood actors were the brand ambassadors of Maggi and they are pulled to the court in Muzaffarpur area in Bihar, where an FIR was registered against them on a complaint by the lawyer. Paswan further said that there will not be any clemency shown towards the manufacturers and also the promotors of such harmful products as the people would be consuming and that affected their health.  When there was excess quantity of lead that was found in Maggi when the tests were done in a laboratory in many states, this new tough law against sale of such harmful foods have been talked about. There was huge delay and pendency of the cases in consumer forum was also of concern has been stated by the minister, Paswan. At present in the country nearly 2.5 lakh cases are pending in the Consumer forums was confirmed by the Minister. He also stated that there was effort being made to change the 3 tier consumer forum that is in existence at the national, state and district level at present. He also said that there was automatic cognizance will be taken of any complaint within 21 days that has been filed and that no matter will be delayed beyond 90 days was also confirmed by the Minister. The lab test reports of Maggi in New Delhi also found to have shown that it was unsafe to consume and Delhi government said that strict action will be taken against the manufacturers. Satyendra Jain who is Delhi health minister will be meeting Nestle India officials today to discuss the matter.

by Sushma Javare.