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Government special media cell to track and counter negative content online, Think before posting online!

Mumbai: Now the Government has moved to lay a special media cell for tracking and countering negative content on the web. Thus, if anyone is posting anything negative about the Government on the web then, watch out. Such people may be fallen in trouble.

The proposed Special media cell will also be putting its policies into bad light. Moreover, as learnt from the sources, the creation of the National Media Analytics Centre- NMAC has been proposed from the National Security Council Secretariat- NSCA. And such NMAC will be monitoring and analyzing the blogs, web portals, TV channels and newspapers and also the Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

After scrutinizing the posts and comments by the NMAC, it will classify the same into Three categories like Positive, Negative and Neutral. And when such contents will be seen falling under the Negative category then, the Cell will be finding out its factual correctness before generating any counters for showing resentment. Thus, for such activities the software will involved which was designed by the Assistant Professor at Indraprastha Institute of Information in Delhi- Ponnurangam Kumaraguru. And this software will be helping the cell with the author’s background information, website preferences and his/ her areas of interest.

Moreover, the software would also help to recall the past pattern of the writer to check the number of times he took a negative or positive stand, his background, and preferences of websites and areas of interest to judge whether they were aimed at fomenting trouble or radicalization, learned from the sources. As suggested by the proposals of the Cell, it is seeking the setting up of the a committee represented by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Information and Broadcasting, and also External Affairs for analysis, co-ordination, information and feedback on public perception and national security, as per sources.

The proposal from the NSCS was disclosed in the last month. And as per sources, the Government will be keeping a watch on the narrative in all such threads. And whenever the negative narrative surfaces will be there, then a possible counter would be initiated through a press releases, press conferences, briefings, etc, as per sources.