Gujarat High Court Calls Reservation System as ‘Amoeboid Monster’

The Gujarat High Court expressed its dissatisfaction on  the reservation system that is still continuing in India even after sixty years of attaining independence. The Court furthered showed its regret over some communities for raising their demands for reservation. Justice J B Pardiwala said that probably India may be the only country where some people desires to be in the group of backward. The Court was expressing its opinion when diluting charges against Hardik Patel who was the Patidar quota stir leader. The Sedition charge against Patel was retained whereas the charge for waging war against the state was dropped down.

The Court further said that the main threat to the Indian community is corruption. It is the duty of all the citizens to fight against corruption rather than indulging in violence for quota system, the Court added. The bench stated that the reservation policy have the function of ‘amoeboid monster’ that paves the way for destruction in the name of reservation. The Court was giving its opinion on the practice of reservation that was followed only in India. The entire system that prevailed in the previous times has changed and new policies are to be adopted, the court said. The Court added two main points that reservation and corruption have destructed entire nation and has prevented it from further development through the correct path.

Years after independence it is very disgraceful for a person to ask for reservation in all fields of life, the bench added. In addition, it was also said that when the Constitution was drafted, it was sure fore the framers of the Constitution that the reservation policy would subsist for nearly 10 years, but the practice continued even after so many years. The Constitution of India contains express provision for reservation for socially and economically backward classes. The people are now trying to be included in the backward class to get reservation in education and employment.

Adv. Jewel Panicker