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Hardik Patel Case: SC says Country cannot saddled with the burden of losses due to agitations, BJP, Congress and others accountable for damage

New Delhi: Honourable Supreme Court of India today, took a tough stand on the agitations which cause huge problems to the common men, ruled that the Bharatiya Janata Party- BJP and Congress or any other organisation could be held accountable for damage to the property during unrest.

Moreover, the Top court has expressed its concern over the damage to the public property, which was caused during the agitation which involving the Pattidar leader- Hardik Patel. Also, it has noted that for paying off the costs and losses which caused during the agitation, the country cannot be held liable. Also, the Court has decided to lay down the parameters for fixing the accountability for damage of property during the agitations.

The decision is found made in relation to the Patel Quota Agitation, which was held in the early days of this month, and which was led by the Hardik Patel- the Pattidar leader who had found stating that the agitation will be continued by him if he gets bail. Notably, concerned persons and Hardik Patel are facing the charges under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code [under section 124(A)- Sedition; section 121 (A)- Conspiracy to wage war against government and Section 120 (b)- Criminal Conspiracy] and their case is pending before the Ahmadabad Crime branch.

As per the stand taken by the Police officials, in their charge sheet, the said quota agitation by Hardik Patel was the ‘pre- planned conspiracy’, and it was hatched for putting the pressure on the state Government for accepting their ‘unconstitutional demand of quota’.

Also, it was seen recently, in Haryana where a violent agitation over Jat reservation quota, as per the Indian Industry, the stir has caused thousands of crores of losses in the north Indian states and as such the Business associations has claimed the government compensate traders impacted by the violent disruptions. Thus, now as per the Supreme Court’s move, the parties like BJP and Congress and others would be held responsible for losses which may cause due to such agitation.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan