ICFAI Organizes First Casus Belli Asian Parliamentary Debate on 31st March – 3rd April , 2016

The Faculty of Law, ICFAI University Organizes First Edition of Casus Belli Asian Parliamentary Debate from March 31 to April 3, 2016 at ICFAI University, Dehradun Campus. The Asian Parliamentary Debate is a type of debate where there consist of three participants and they debate on a particular issue within the given time. The debate will assist the students to enhance their skills and skills and logical reasoning. This programme will also be a platform for the students to understand the art of debating on the contemporary issues. Moreover, new ideas and opinions can be shared between various persons coming from all parts of the country.

The three main elements of Parliamentary Debate are the Debaters, the Adjudicators and the Organizers. The team composition may be 2, 3 or four members according to the structure of the competition. There will two teams facing each other in a round. The Casus Belli Asian Pparliamentary Debate will have 32 teams from around 20 institutions. After the five preliminary rounds, there will be octa finals, quarter finals, semi finals and grand final. There for each team gets the chance to participate in five rounds. There shall be two teams in each debate called Government and Opposition. In each team there will be three speakers called Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Whip and the other team consists of the Leader of Opposition, Deputy Leader of Opposition and Whip. The organizers will release three motions of the debate. Other rules are provided in the website.

The registration, inauguration and two preliminary debate rounds will be on March 31. The other three preliminary debate rounds and the octa finals will be on April 1, 2016. Quarter finals and Semi-finals will be on April 2 and the grand finals and valedictory will be on April 3, 2016. The organizers will give prizes for best team, runners up (first and second place) and best adjudicator (first and second prize). There will be cash prizes along with the trophy. The participants shall be students from recognized institution. There will be no bar for participation in the name of course or age. The registration fee shall be Rs 1000 per pax and accommodation charges shall be 500 oer pax.

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Important dates:

Date of debate: March31-April 3, 2016
Date of registration, inauguration and two preliminary rounds: March 31, 2016
Date of three preliminary rounds and octa finals: April 1, 2016
Date of quarter finals and semi finals: April 2, 2016
Date of grand finals and valedictory: April 3, 2016

For more details contact:

 Ph: 9557432265, 9557412076
 Email: casusbelliapd@gmail.co
 Also visit: facebook.com/casusbelliasianpd

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