Introduction to the Constitution of India Paperback – 1 Jun 2015 by D.D. Basu

Every country in this world is having its regulatory systems where, law plays a vital important role. Moreover, it is notable that there can be seen in many countries, that they are having a single grundnorm i.e. the basic law of land and every single other laws in such countries are found their origin from that grundnorm. And in India this basic law or ‘law of land’ i.e. grundnorm is known as ‘The Constitution of India’ and all other laws in India are entirely brought from the authority provided in the Constitution of India. Thus, the present book, ‘Introduction to the Constitution of India’ is provided with all the material and contents which a person needed to know about the very basic law of the land. This book as such brought for everybody in India and abroad who wants to know about the Constitution of India. Also, it is offering all the modifications, interpretations and changes brought in this basic law since from it was brought into force. Also this book is offering sufficient material for all the students who are pursuing LL.B, LL.M and other graduate and post graduate degrees and diplomas in India. Also it is beneficial for the candidates preparing for the competitive examinations. Further, it is notably, providing the material and comments, especially, on the separatism in Punjab, Assam and elsewhere.

In its silent features, this book is offering the most important introductory study on this basic law of India and also such study will be much helpful for the politician, general readers and also for the students. It is also tracing the history of the country relating to the Constitution, where one can see it is covering from the Government of India Act, 1935. Also it is giving the accounts of the working of each of the provisions of the said basic law. And also it is offering the well table of contents, index, marginal notes and the graphic tables at the end. Further, it is offering the three printed legislative lists side by side for the convenient reference. Also, for references this book is showing footnotes and references at the end of each chapter, which are much supportive for the research work.

Thus, for studying the Constitution of India and also for every minute details about this law, the present book is offering all such amazing material on this basic law of land. As such, notably, this book is written and offered from the most famous writer, D. D. Basu (Durga Das Basu), who was also a jurist in India, also he is an author of the Commentary on the Constitution of India and Casebook on the Indian Constitutional Law. For his work, he was also awarded with the civilian honour of the Padma Bhushan.

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