Italian Marine being accused of killing two Indians, sought extension of his stay in Italy

New Delhi: In the criminal case of killing fisher-men by the Marine Massimiliano Latorre and one other accused in the year 2012, now the said Italian marine sought an extension of his stay in the Italy. The plea of extension of stay in Italy was sought before the Hon’ble Apex Court on the ground of medical reasons.

The criminal case is relating to the fact of killing two fisher-men from Indian nationals. The Italian Marin Lattore and one Salvatore Girone were made accused in that case and it was alleged that the said killing was taken place on the board ship namely ‘Enrica Lexie’ off Kerala coast on 15th February, 2012. The criminal complaint was written by one Freddy who happened to be an owner of one Fishing Boat namely, ‘St. Antony’. It was alleged that the Marine Latorre and another had started firing on the said two Indians, under the misconception of their being pirates.

It was pleaded on behalf of the said Italian Marine that in the month of January, this year, he has undergone a cardiac surgery. And as such his stay in Italy is sough to be extended looking to such medical problems.

Hon’ble Supreme Court’s bench comprising of Justice A. R. Dave and Justice Kurian Joseph decided to hear the plea on 9th day of this month.

Prior to this, the Hon’ble Apex Court has already granted to said Marine Latorre extension of three months on January of last year (2014) to stay in Italy, on the very grounds of Medical reason. The said extension was grated to him, after no objection was received from Central Government and the said no objection was granted on very ground of humanity.

Similarly, there was an undertaking identical to the ground, made by Italian Ambassador on 12th, September of last year on which the Court had permitted Latorre to go to Italy for about 4 months. It was pleaded on his behalf that he had suffered a stroke on August, 2014. The Apex Court had taken on record his unequivocal and unambiguous undertaking relating to dates on which he departed and on which he will arrive back to India.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.