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Italy claims before International Arbitration Panel; the release of its Marine detained in India

The Hague: Today, 30th March, Italy found asking International Arbitration panel to order India for freeing a marine who has been detained since from the year 2012, due to his alleged indulging in the shooting deaths of two fishermen during an anti- piracy operation.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration is told by the Ambassador- Francesco Azzarello of Italy to the Netherlands, that their marine- Sgt. Salvatore Girone, must be permitted to return back to his home with an immediate effect, as he is “obliged” to live far approximately thousands of kilometres away from his country and family, with “two children” who are still at a tender age.

It was seen that the said Sgt. Salvatore Girone along with one- Massimiliano Latorre were on anti- piracy duty of protecting the oil tanker of Italy, in the off India’s coast, the Enrica Lexie at the time of the alleged shooting. After such incident taken place, the both of them were detained and they were to stay in India, without any formal charges. Later, the Latorre was allowed to return back his home country, as he had suffered a stroke, however, the Sgt. Salvatore Girone was not allowed to move from the country. Though, he notably released on bail, but still restrained in the country’s boarder and not allowed yet to leave India and asked to stay in Delhi. Moreover, for his presence’s assurance, he is also required to report constantly to the Indian Police, as per the contentions which the Ambassador- Francesco Azzarello preferred before the Permanent Court Arbitration.

Moreover, from the side of Italy it is further argued that the spot of incident was an International Waters, and the fishermen which were killed during shooting, were as per Italy, killed mistakenly for pirates. Moreover, as per Italy the case should be heard in an Italian Court. However, New Delhi found insisted that it has jurisdiction and wants to charge both marines with murder.

It was also seen last year that the United Nations- mandated International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, ordered India to put on hold the legal proceedings against those two marines until, the Arbitration panel gives its decision.

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