Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $75 million punitive damages in the case of Ovarian cancer death: US

St. Louis: Award of $75 million was made by the jury in the United State, State of Missouri, in favour of the family of an Alabama woman who died from ovarian cancer, which was alleged by her as was caused by using Johnson and Johnson’s well- known baby powder and other products containing talcum.

It was seen that Jackie Fox of Birmingham has filed civil suit which was the part of a Broader claim in the city of St. Louis Circuit Court. In such broader claim, nearly Sixty people were found involving. And the deceased woman’s son took over as plaintiff, after her death in October, last year, i.e. nearly after two years and more of her diagnosis. As per such plaintiff- Marvin Salter of Jacksonville, Florida his deceased mother was using the iconic talcum powder as a bathroom staple for decades.

Moreover, the Jackie Fox attorney commented on the verdict of the Jury, which was brought after nearly 5 hours of deliberations at the conclusion of a three- week trial, and stated that it was the first such case from amongst a Thousand nationally to result in a jury’s monetary award. Thus, in the order, the Jury has decided to award $10 million as an actual damages and $62 million as a punitive damage in favour of Fox.

New Jersey- based Johnson & Johnson is the leading brand in the world which is the biggest maker of the health care products. Thus, as per Attorney James Onder, he is absolutely expecting this major to appeal the verdict. Earlier, the Health and Consumer Groups have targeted the concerned Johnson & Johnson company over the possibly harmful ingredients in items including its iconic Johnson’s No More Tears baby shampoo.

Moreover, a Campaign for Safe Cosmetics was called by a coalition of groups in the year 2009 (May), where the Johnson & Johnson was pushed to eliminate the disputed ingredients from its baby and adult personal care products. However, in the year 2012, after the negative publicity and boycott threat, the company has agreed for elimination of the disputed ingredients, by 2015.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan