Judicial and Legal Service Exams – A Complete Referencer Paperback – 2016 by Safi Mohan M.R & Pradeep N.R

Judicial and Legal Service Exams - A Complete Referencer by Safi Mohan M R, Pradeep

The Judicial & Legal Service Exams– a Complete Referencer covers the complete syllabus of legal examinations conducted all over India. It is important to have a clear picture about the syllabus before commencing preparation for the examination. For systematic study, it is ideal to classify this book into three parts-

In the first part, read the core subjects by using the Quick Reference material and attempt the Multiple Choice questions. Read through the explanations and refer any relevant books for additional clarification. This part includes following subjects –

Constitutional Law of India ( I and II) - Law of Contract (I and II)- Indian Penal Code ,1860 - Criminal Procedure Code ,1973 - Civil Procedure Code,1908 - Indian Evidence Act 1872 - Transfer of Property Act ,1882 - Jurisprudence, Human Rights

The second part can be classified into two areas. Firstly, go through the Multiple Choice Questions and then cross check it with the answer key and relevant explanations. This part includes the following subjects-

Administrative law - Labour law - Environmental law -  Law of torts - I.P.R. - Family Law (Hindu &Muslim )- Arbitration and Conciliation Act ,1996

Secondly, after attempting the questions, clarify the same with the answer key and relevant explanations. It will be easier to study the answers by keeping the Bare Acts of following subjects- This area includes following subjects

Specific Relief Act ,1963 - Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 - Indian Partnership Act,1932 - Sale of Goods Act 1930 - Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act ,2005 - Right to Information Act ,2005 - Information Technology Act ,2000 - Indian Easement Act,1882 - The limitation Act ,1963 - The Indian trusts Act 1882 - The Registration Act 1908 - Kerala Building (Lease and Rent) Control Act 1965 - Juvenile Justice(Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015 - The Delhi Rent Control Act 1958

The third part includes- Legal General Knowledge, Model Exams and Latest Judgements. Preparing  for Judicial exam is not an essay job therefore It is better to complete at least two or three question sets every day and always refer recent Bare Acts for more reference.

The Book is written by Safi Mohan M.R & Pradeep N.R and published by LexLab. The foreword of the book is written by Justice K. Chandru and in his words “the authors have done an excellent job of giving appropriate references of case laws wherever it is necessary and have subdivided the book into various parts depending upon the need for the same. This has made an easy job for the aspirants writing various entrance examinations. I am sure this hand book will be of immense use for all those who make attempt to get into various services. It has thus filled up a vacuum and provides a good guidance for the examinees.”

Valuable input for  this book is contributed by lawexams.co.in. This Book, beyond doubt a complete preparation book that satisfy every candidates who are ardently preparing for Judicial Service and other Legal Service Examinations. Hope this book will help you succeed in competitive exams and achieve great heights in your career.

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