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Justice- Karnan’s Transfer Issue: Law Ministry forwards file with CJI’s Order to PM Office

New Delhi: In relation to the transfer of the Justice C. S. Karnan, from the High Court of Madras to the Calcutta High Court, the Law Ministry has forwarded the order of the Chief Justice of India to the Office of Prime Minister- PMO for ‘further action’.

However, it was seen in the early days of development of this issue of transfer of Judges, the same Justice, C. S. Karnan had ordered to stay the order of the Chief Justice of India as per which he was transferred to the High Court of Calcutta. But later it was found that the honourable Supreme Court of India has suspended the said order, and directed that the same Justice should not be assigned with any Judicial Work.

However, it is recently learned from the sources in the Government, the Law Ministry has transferred the file / record relating to the transfer of such Justice- Karnan to Calcutta High Court to the Office of Prime Minister for further action, and it was done in couple of days ago.

It is also notable that as the part of procedure the Law Ministry generally sends the recommendations of the transfer of judges and their elevation to the Office of Prime Minister and then it will be sent to be President for final approval. Hopefully, in this case’s relation this procedure is also being complying by the officials.

Moreover, it as seen on last Monday, this month that the bench of the honourable Apex Court which was dealing with the stay order passed by Justice- Karnan, had suspended such order of stay.

Justice- Karnan, while he had passed such staying order, has also commented that he had been ill- treated by the other officials, and he as such has sent letters to the President of India, Prime Minister, Law Minister, National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and also to the other political leaders like Mayawati, Sonia Gandhi, Paswan, etc.

Thus, now the procedure for his transfer would be fully complied with, as can be seen from the progress in the matter.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan