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Kerala Judicial Services (Preliminary) Examination: The Complete Preparation Manual Paperback – 2014 by Showick Thorpe

The Kerala Judicial Services (Preliminary ) Examination- The Complete Preparation Manual first Edition by Showick Thopre is published by Lexis Nexis India in 2014. This Manual is designed as a complete guide to all those who are preparing for the Judicial Service Examination, one of the prestigious examination conducted by High Court of Kerala. This Manual contain all areas that are arranged in a systematic and comprehensive manner and covers the complete syllabus for the examination notified by the authority. This manual book also contain objective type study materials in the prescribed format along with important legal terms and legal maxims. As part of the preparation plan, the manual book  is attached with sufficient number of multiple choice questions based on the subjects specified in the examination syllabus. Moreover this Manual has covered areas like Test of Reasoning, mental ability, legal G.K etc to satisfy the needs of legal aspirants. Subjects covered under the Manual are: Constitution Of India, Code of Civil procedure, Transfer of property Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, Indian Contract Act, Specific Relief Act, Kerala Building Lease and Rent Control Act, Indian Evidence Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Penal Code. Original question papers of previous years are given in the manual to follow a focused approach on your preparation plan. This Manual, beyond doubt a complete preparation book that satisfy every candidates who are ardently preparing for Judicial Service Examinations.

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