Law Relating to Cruelty to Husband: Divorce and Maintenance to Wife, 2013 by P.K. Das

When the matters relating to the marriage and divorce including the maintenance is concerned, the India men generally presumes that the law in this connection is favouring the Women only, however, though the Women is being protected against the various wrongdoing of the Men, but, there can be seen instances of the torture of the Men by the Women when the issues of marriage are concerned. Thus, the present book ‘Law Relating to the Cruelty to Husband’ is specially pointing such instances where the Husband in India being tortured and subjected to cruelty by his wife. The instances cruelty, torture, abuse, false accusation, etc. by the wives to her husbands are seen in India increasing. The women being vested with the weapon by providing laws supporting them, but still courts finding instances of false accusation of the husbands in the cases filed by wives. As such, though the laws are provided to protect the women, but still there is no law protecting the men against women’s torture.

In the present book, the author specifically discussed several chapters with the heads like Marriage, domestic relations, legal status of husband, cruelty to him, divorce to wife, maintenance to her, connection legal situation, international frame- work, etc. Thus, the present book is brought to guide the Indian men against the torture received from their wives, the present edition of this book is Third edition, which is providing latest case laws, judicial activism, judge’s concerns and warnings from them to police for false accusations against the husbands. Thus, in this present edition, the author has thoroughly revised each and every part in this book and edited and updated the book to provide improved creation. Moreover, the book’s last two editions were highly appreciated by its readers and as such it is hoped from the side of author and publication house that this version of the book will also be appreciated likewise and also hoped that this book shall be most useful to the Bench, Bar and the General Public with a purpose.

 The author- Das P. K. is the most talented writer and has brought various creations from his editorial desk on the legal topics like on Hindu Succession, Right to Information Law, Rights of Divorced Wife and Widows, etc.

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