Law Relating to IPR by V.K. Ahuja (Author) Paperback – 1 Jun 2013

Humans being intellectuals are habitual of creating something new which in this world may not have been in existence earlier, as such they are offering their contribution towards the community and thus, towards the development of the World. Thus, considering the respect of their intellectual their created works, projects are categorized as Intellectual Properties which they own and have rights in that relation. Since there is a right, there should be a law to protect such right and thus, the Intellectual Property rights are sought to be protect throughout the entire world, in nearly every countries. In India, there are also some laws enacted to protect such intellectual property rights. And thus, the present book is exclusively dealing with the subject of Intellectual Property Rights and their concerned Laws in India. Moreover, it is provided with the several editions, and the present edition of this Book has been thoroughly revised and updated. As such, this Book is providing for not only the original law relating to the subject, but also it is providing the amendments made thereon, after India joined TRIPs Agreement. Moreover, the book further provide for the analytical study of the laws in connection with the Intellectual Property Rights, such laws includes, The Copyright Act, 1957, Patents Act, 1970, Trade Marks Act, 1999, Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, Designs Act, 2000, Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout- Design Act, 2000 and Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001 and also all other laws which are anyhow connected with the Intellectual property rights. Moreover, while discussing the laws, the book is also offering readers with the citations of cases, from India and also from English cases library.

Thus, the Book is beneficial for the all the students connected with the subject and also those professionals who required to deal with the Intellectual Property rights in their professional capacity. Moreover, for easier understanding and simple reading, the Book is written using simple and easy language and in lucid manner. It is as such offered from the well- know author- V. K. Ahuja and there are also other works offered from same author, but the present work is one of its special kind.

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