Lawyers must be conscious of societal problems: Delhi High Court Justice

Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed told today that lawyers must be aware of the problems like use of narcotics, attacks on northeast people, rise in juvenile delinquency etc that are dogging the society to bring some change in the society at large.  He further said that the lawyers who are associated with Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) should be aware of such problems and such cases can be looked into properly and handled in a better way by the lawyers.

When 8th Annual Report for 2012-14 was being released, Justice Ahmed addressed the Annual Meet and gave his suggestion about the issue. Justice G Rohini, who is the Delhi High Court Chief Justice was the chief guest of the Meet and she also told that it was the duty to know about it, as a man should live for others but not just himself. If a man knows what is right and what is wrong can make a person more responsible towards the society was emphasised by Justice Rohini while addressing the gathering which comprised of judges and senior and young lawyers. Justice Ahmed also told the lawyers that they are working for society and just not for fees. He further said that the lawyers must be very careful when they handle the cases which relate to life and liberty of the persons.

He also said that DSLSA had proposed to make the lawyers work easier by making jail visits easy, and also legal aid helpline was also set up which was available for 24×7 period and also organise a mass legal literacy programmes in schools. He also told that fee structure of lawyers who were with DSLSA will be changed where the increase would be from 25% to 50%. All the lawyers who were empaneled with DSLSA will be given Rs 1000 to prepare for a matter when they were allocated a case. Justice praised the work of DSLSA lawyers and told that more than 2.4 lakh of persons were benefitted from their legal aid work. Dharmesh Sharma who was the Member Secretary of DSLSA told that all the bills of the lawyers who were empanelled with DSLSA will be cleared in 15 days.

by Sushma Javare.