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Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit and Sadvi Pragya Singh Thakur can get bail in Malegaon blast case

On Wednesday Supreme Court hearing the plea on 2008 Malegaon blast case told that as there was no evidence to charge Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohi, Sadvi Pragya Singh Thakur under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crimes Act (MCOCA) their bail could be examined in a trial court.

This bail plea came 6 1/2 years later when military intelligence officer along with others were arrested.  They were jailed in relation to the blast case.  Justices Abhay Manohar Sapre and FMI Kalifulla told that as there was no other criminal case against them since there was no evidence of it, the trial court can consider their bail plea on merit and hear the matter within a month’s time.

Supreme Court further stated that the trial court should hear the bail plea of Purohit and Pragya in Malegaon blast as there was doubt concerning their involvement in this blast.  MCOCA was applied to Rakesh Dhawde who was also charged in 2 other cases.  This appeal was brought by the accused against invoking Maharashtra Control of Organised Crimes Act before the apex court.  Bombay High Court in 2010 had restored MCOCA which was revoked by session’s court.  It stated that Pragya and Purohit were part of an organised crime and in 2 more matters so MCOCA would apply to them.  The blast of Malegaon in Maharashtra which occurred in September 2008 killed six people and injured many people.  The suspects had totally repudiated their involvement in this act.  And also refuted that they were involved in any conspiracy in relation to the crime or organising of the crime.  Purohit who was given bail in other 2 matters under Arms Act was denied bail in this case in 2012.

Purohit had contended that since he was a military intelligence officer and was quite successful in infiltrating militants like the students of SIMI.  For political reasons he was falsely associated in this case by Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).  As National Investigation Agency had not yet put charge sheet against him he sought bail before the court.  NIA has stated that Purohit did not inform about his activities to his superiors and that he wanted to seek revenge against Muslims.

By Sushma Javare