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Madras High Court Ruled That Lawyers Have No Right to Boycott Courts

The hon’ble High Court of Madras had stated that the lawyers does not have the right to boycott from the court proceedings or to move strike. The Court also said that they don’t even have the right to move a token strike. If the lawyers have any protest, they can express it through press conferences or giving interviews in channels that are outside the court, the bench said. The Court also opined that they can even carry placards, banners, wear black bands, carry on dharna or procession which is outside the local limits of the court. The opinion was rendered by the bench consisting of  Justice R Sudhakar and Justice VM Velumani.

The Court rejected the petition initiated by P Palanisamy who was a court employee at Tiruchirappalli. The petitioner asked for a direction from the court to quash the disciplinary actions taken by the inferior court against him for the reason that his advocate failed to appear before the court for hearing. The reason that the advocate placed before the court is that it was court boycott by advocates on that day. The disciplinary action taken by Principal District Sessions Judge at Tiruchirappalli was accepted by High Court Registrar General. The Court said that the lawyers who appear in the court in place of their clients have no right to resort to a court boycott.

The lawyers should refuse to move on strike, the bench added. It further observed that it is well settled principle that every advocate has the duty to appear before the court whenever essential. They should refrain from such boycotts and be ready at the hall whenever their service are needed. If a protest affects the independence, integrity or self respect of the judges and lawyers, the judiciary have the duty to look down it. The Court was strongly expressing its statements against boycott by lawyers.

Adv. Jewel Panicker