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Marital Rape: Men’s Rights Activists sought claiming ‘Gender Neutral Laws’

Nagpur (Mah): Activists from the Men’s rights side are now additionally demanding for gender neutral laws, considering the ongoing fired issue of laws on marital rape.

The Activists are found pointing out the various issues regarding biases played in favour of Women under the mechanism for Rape, Domestic Violence, Dowry. Some of the said Activists also found alleging that there are fabricated statistics provided for proving the Women from India are in bad conditions.

It is seen, in the recent past, that the Marital rape to be criminalized in India was recommended by the Committee of United Nations, on Elimination of Discrimination against Women. The issue was raised by the Member of Parliament from DMK, Kanimozhi, in the Rajya Sabha, however, during the discussion it was replied by the Government that in Indian society the Marital Rape is not really possible as the Marriage in Indian societies is valuable and unchallengeable institution.

It was pointed by the Founder of ‘Child Right Initiative For Shared Parenting’- CRISP (NGO) Mr. Kumar Jahgirdar from Bangalore that, thought Women are protected by various laws like Domestic Violence Act, India Penal Code’s Section 498-A, provisions of Criminal Procedure Code, however, the ideas and belief of population not even extended to the Men’s rape victimization. Instead of terming them as Victim, such men are termed rapists when they are trying to fight back or even when they are trying to speak of the incidents.

He specifically pointed that the then Law Commission, in 2000’s March, had recommended that there should be neutral laws relating to rape (specially provision of section 375 of Indian Penal Code, 1860). Further, pointing the same, he made it clear that, the law makers (legislature) is needed to do that from all such laws, the words like ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ to be substituted by the word ‘Spouse’ as such they are not even require to rewrite the existing laws. He said it is being surprisingly that for making these simple amendments to the existing laws it is taking so long, as such it can be taken that our lawmakers not convinced with the need of such changes in the existing laws, as per Mr. Jahgirdar.

The President of ‘Save Indian Family Foundation’, Mr. Rajesh Vakharia pointed that there are several fake cases found filed under the purview of legal frame work of Domestic violence, Dowry and even under Rape laws. And to stop this or reducing the number of those fake instances, something necessitates to be done, he said.

The United Nations’ statistics, which was quoted in Rajya Sabha, in which it is published that there are 75 percent of Married Women from India who were Victims of Marital Rape, is objected by Mr. Vakharia, questioning that is it look like a credible figure?.

It was further pointed by Mr. R. Vakharia that in the report by International NGO ‘Trust Law’ which has put our Country (India) at the 4th rank in the List of ‘Worlds worst Countries for Women’.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.