Militarization in South China Sea: China accuses US for it

Beijing: In relation to the South China Sea issue, the China commented that it does not intend to Militarize the South China Sea’s Nansha Island. Moreover, China has also sought to dismiss the accusation levelled by the United States, where it claimed to have raised tension in the region.

The commented were noted / reported by media on today, i.e. on 20th day February.

The Spokesman for foreign affairs ministry of China- Hong Lei, yesterday (Friday, 19th February) found stated that the Demilitarization in the concerned region is not the matter for just a single Country. This was reported by the Global Times. Moreover, he was also found stating that for demilitarization in the South China Sea, there should not be a multi- standards or double standards. However, it was also mentioned by him that from the countries in the region an also from the joint countries beyond it, efforts are required for the process.

Moreover, John Kirby- State Department of US’s spokesman, yesterday has stated that the ‘very recent’ placement of missiles on Yongxing Island was suggested by the Commercial Satellite imagery, and which has against the pledge of China, where China pledge for non- militarization of the South China Sea. Such statements were reported by the Reuters.

Also, said spokesman Hong Lie stated in response, that in the South China Sea, the United States is strengthening military development and also military vessels are frequently sending by it or it is planning the conducting of close- in reconnaissance against China.

Moreover, in the comments by the Mr. Kirby in the regular news briefing, he said that the Chinese have said one thing, and then they appear doing another. Moreover, he has also commented that the there can be seen nothing done or being doing by China for stabling the situation.

Also, Julie Bishop- the Foreign Minister, also the first senior Western Official to visit China since the reports appeared, she said that she had raised the issue of the Militarization of the South China Sea in the talks in Beijing Yesterday, i.e. on 19th day of February, 2016.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan