Movie Dark Chocolate on Sheena Bora Murder Case: Bombay High Court stopped producers from releasing any material

Mumbai: On this Wednesday, i.e. on 17th day of this February, the producer of Bengali Movie Dark Chocolate was restrained by the Bombay High Court from releasing any further material apart from the material which they have already released. The said restrain will be continued till the petition is pending.

It was seen that the said restraining order was issued by the honourable High Court of Bombay in connection with the petition which was filed before it by the media Baron Peter Mukerjea’s sister, namely, Shangom Das Gupta.

She filed a claim in the petition seeking stay on the release of the film, and in the grounds put forwarded by her in this stay plea, she sought to mention that the releasing of the movie would result prejudice against her brother- Peter during the Trial.

The movie as per its trailer is involving the Sheena Bora’s murder case and it is based on it. And notably the trailer of this movie is now available / open on the internet. And further it is again notable that the brother of Shangom Das Gupta is also recently charged in the case.

Thus, Shangom Das Gupta- the petitioner has pleaded that the releasing of the said movie should not be allowed for the fair and impartial trial in the case. As such, the High Court of Bombay, considering the facts and circumstances of the matter granted interim relief and stayed the release of this concerned movie.

The decision was taken by the bench of the High Court, comprising of Justice S. C. Dharmadhikari and Justice G. S. patel. Moreover, the court has also granted stay on release of any trailer as well.

While in the hearing the petitioner- Shangom was represented by the Senior Advocate- Venkatesh Dhond and it was clarified by him that the brother- Peter was in Judicial Custody and as such he was unable to file this petition. Moreover, it was further contended by Advocate- Dhond that though the verification process could not be done in the petition, the process will be initiated and the brother- peter will be added/ inserted as the second petitioner.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan