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NAAC to decide issue of accreditation of Deemed Universities: Supreme Court

New Delhi: National Assessment and Accreditation Council- NAAC was allowed by the honourable Supreme Court of India, yesterday, to take decision as to accreditation of deemed Universities, which are under the scrutiny for their allegedly failing to fulfil the various required criteria for getting recognition.

The honourable Apex Court’s bench led by Justice Dipak Misra, decided that to allow the NAAC as aforesaid, to decide such accreditation of those deemed Universities, but the same can only be given to those universities being subjected to Courts final order. It was observed by the Apex Court that those Universities should not suffer, due to lack of accreditation of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council- NAAC, when there were approaching admissions for the new academic session.

It was pointed by the honourable Court that, the admissions are depending upon gradation of the institutions from such Council, and the decision of NAAC as to such grading of Institutions will be continued and here will also be subjected to the concerned pending proceedings and also on newly proposed regulation by government.

It was contended by the Additional Solicitor General Mr. Tushar Mehta, that it was considering to frame rules for accreditation and was also holding talks with University Grants Commission- UGC, All India Council for Technical Education- AICTE and also with National Assessment and Accreditation Council- NAAC for evolving criteria for grading of Institutions.

However, the honourable Supreme Court’s concerned Bench, made it clear by saying that the Government can do whatever it desires to do, but the NAAC will grant accreditation to those Universities, as those are suffering due to such non-accreditation by Council.

About 41 deemed Universities are there being under the Judicial Scrutiny and the University Grants Commission- UGC was asked earlier by the honourable Court, so as to conduct the physical verification of 8 universities out of those universities, after they agreed for that.

As such the future of various deemed Universities will now be decided by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council- NAAC as has been decided by the Apex Judicial authority of India. The concerned issue of accreditation of deemed universities will have to be decided within two weeks, as per Court, as the admission time was ‘fast approaching’.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.