National Green Tribunal’s order regarding ban on 10 year old diesel vehicles is challenged by the government

Government has challenged the order given by NGT wherein, in Delhi they have banned 10 year old diesel vehicles. Discussions has started by the government to make a strong case to put up a challenge on the ban.  Firstly, in the present motor vehicles laws vehicles age does not matter to ban it from running on the roads. Then if the vehicles that is registered with state transport departments is allowed to run until they comply with the emission testing rules.

Like other foreign countries in India there is no end of life rules for any vehicle that is established upon the stage of the vehicles. An official has said that this has to be seen on the basis or capacity of people in India to buy a new vehicle every 15 years as it will be opposed to motor vehicles laws that is prevailing in the country.

Official also pointed out that bringing in good quality fuel was more important reducing emissions instead of banning on vehicles. People should get relief from the laws and environment must be preserved is more important. Vijay Chhibber who is a road transport secretary stated this in the state transport commissioners’ conference which was held in Delhi.

To stop facing situations which happens in Delhi, he contended that government must start modern testing centres. Similar stand has been taken by Road Transport Ministry to start fitness tests and the vehicles to comply with emission rules and thus decide about the vehicle to run or to remove them out off the road permanently.  An affidavit was filed by it before apex court when NGT ordered to ban the vehicles to run on the Delhi road if they are 15 years old or more. While bringing the NGT order into practicality India’s economic situation must be considered was stated by Road transport minister Nitin Gadkari.

In Delhi nearly 80,000.00 vehicles travel around and some environmentalists say that these diesel operated vehicles do not follow the emission standards and so they are the main cause of air Pollution i.e. nearly 60% of the air pollution in Delhi as the vehicles are more than 10-20 years old.

by Sushma Javare.