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NJAC ruling will not affect ties between Judiciary and Executive: Says CJI H L Dattu

New Delhi: Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, H. L. Dattu broke his silence over the NJAC issue and said that the ties of Judiciary with executive will not be affected by NJAC (National Judicial Appointments Commission) ruling.

He further, says both of Executive and Judiciary work for common man and as such both of them do their works and also authorities in Executive are all mature people and thus they know how to accept judgment.

The statements from the side of Hon’ble Chief Justice of India came days after the Apex Court of the Country quashed the NJAC, on this Tuesday. Mr. CJI has ruled out any confrontation with the Government and as such said that the verdict would not affect the relationship between the both organs (Judiciary and Executive) of the States.

In his further statements to the media, he said both the organs have always had the best of relationships and as such the Judgement will have no impact on the relationship. Moreover, he underlined that he is also bound by the Constitution of India and said that he is mindful of the vacancies in the Apex Court of Country and also of 24 high courts in the states. Also, he assured that he will do his best to fill these vacancies.

He further said, that there are over 40 per cent judicial vacancies due to the pendency of the NJAC matter, as such the workload has increased and it is also due to increasing in filings. However, now with things clear after this judgment, the matter of filling of vacancies will be considered soon and more judges will come.

All these statements were made in connection with the NJAC (Collegium System) on which the Five- Judge Constitution Bench of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India will be considering the suggestions on upcoming 3rd day of November, 2015. It is notable that the Bench has invited submissions from the Government side and also from the side of other Stakeholders. And also earlier, said Bench has quashed the NJAC and ordered revival of the Collegium system.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan