No end in sight for Uber’s woes: Delhi Government contemplates legal action against the company

There seems no end in sight for Uber’s woes. Adding another thorn in the company’s crown, the government of Delhi is gearing up take legal recourse against the United States based taxi service. The purported legal action will aim to block Uber’s app and website from function in the National Capital Territory.

The government of Delhi has requested recommendation from the law department on the most appropriate course of action necessary to ensure that the website as well as the mobile application of the impugned taxi service is blocked. The fresh onslaught against Uber is a result of company’s impunity in carrying on operating its service despite a very specific ban imposed against it since last December, post the rape case filed against one of its drivers, for allegedly raping a female passenger.

A senior official in the government confirmed that legal action is being contemplated against the cab service for operating in the Capital without a legitimate permit. The NCT government has also communicated during the course of arguments before the Delhi High Court that it may co-ordinate with the Central Government to block the company from offering its services in the region.

Earlier in January, Uber had requested and applied for a grant of radio taxi licence, to enable it to operate its cab service vis-à-vis a subsidiary, Resource Expert India Pvt ltd. The application however, has not moved any further than the transport department.

On the other hand, an Uber spokesperson has claimed that company is running its services on the model of Delhi Integrated Multi Transit System (DIMTS). He defended the company’s action by observing that the company is operating its cab service on the pattern of ‘Pooch-O app’, where in the company does not charge any commission from the drivers it employs, hence operating essentially as a technology company.

by Siddhartha Singh.